Chef Services

Let Chef Jerk Muva handle your personal chef and meal-prep needs

Private Dinning Services

Our personal chef service aims to bring you a High-End Restaurant experience with Jerk Muva flair in the comfort of your home. Prior to your dinner party/ intimate event we will discuss and plan your menu and assess your need for dining and serving ware. This Service includes shopping for quality groceries, on-site cooking, serving, and clean-up. Let us handle all your food needs so that on the day of your event you will only be responsible for enjoying your party and your guests.

Standard menu includes a three course meal customized to your specific dietary needs. Our rate is $150/hr  plus the cost of groceries .

Once services are agreed upon 50% of service and the estimated cost of groceries will be me due to reserve secure our services.

Meal Prep Services

Are you tired of forgetting to take the food out the freezer to prep your dinner mid-week? Do you not have the time or skill to spend in the kitchen? If you said yes to either of these questions then this service is for you! Our meal prep services will meet all of your needs. Long grocery lines, undesirable leftovers, and exuberant Postmates delivery charges can now be a thing of the past.

So what’s the process?

First, a phone consultation will be scheduled to discuss the client’s needs and the chef’s availability. Prior to this phone call, clients will be provided with a detailed questionnaire that will indicate their allergies, food preferences and dietary needs. Dishes will vary weekly based upon the answers provided on the questionnaire and can be changed at any time by the client.

We will grocery shop and deliver to your home at the frequency of your liking ( daily, once weekly service, or twice weekly service). Meals will be packaged, labeled, and placed in your fridge readily available for your convenience . At the end of our service you will be left with delicious meals and a clean kitchen.

Our meal prep services are $125/hr plus the cost of food and supplies. For additional cost we provide meals tailored to macronutrient needs where your food is measured and weighed to help you meet nutritional goals. Due to the fact we are not dietitians we can not provide the macronutrient breakdown, but we can surely make it delicious.

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